In addition to short fantasy stories, we like to inspire others to be their best selves. See if anything connects with you. Click the titles to read an inspirational short.

Never Give Up. Never Give In. You are Amazing!

Holiday inspiration because not everyone feels good about the holidays

Integrity is self awareness

There's fire inside of you, you only need to touch it

Create a code and live by it, you can do anything

Failure is a road to success

Cool articles that teach [more to come]

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles VS. The Shredder

This video, while maybe out of context for you contains some important inspiration dialog and shows a bond between brothers and friends that we should all strive to achieve. While it could be argued by those of you too adult to be on my page that the costumes and 80s editing are somewhat silly and hard to get past, for many of us, this was an innovative high quality movie with real lessons to be learned. Aside from many bad guys becoming good and making better decisions, the team work, and other values portrayed here, there is a clear representation and honor, respect, and care for one another. Splinter, the giant rat, says it best at the end of this snippet. I think all people should be worried about what it means to die without honor. To lack such a thing is to lack integrity. And who are you once everyone knows the truth. These lessons stuck with me, regardless of it being fantasy. This also teaches people not to judge a book by its cover. If we can pull lessons from such material, then traditional methods aren't the answer for everyone. I mean. We all learn differently.

Next up is: Hook - Peter Pan escapes his adult life and finds himself smack in the middle of an adventure he never should have left.

If you haven't figured it out by now. I like fantasy stories and am heavily influenced by the positive messages they provide. Below is a short but strong message for people who are a little too adult, rushed, and busy. This is a great reminder to enjoy life since it's your only one. Don't allow yourself to over focus on adult life when there is so much life worth feeling and experiencing. Also, Hook is a freaking awesome movie. Don't allow yourself to become the bad guy... the Pirate.

You could try to tell me, "These are just movies, not real life." but then you are discrediting your own immense abilities as a human. You are worth more than cheesy cop outs. Excuses like that are unacceptable because you are implying that the possible is impossible. You know the truth. Those kinds of excuses are as good as the ones you gave your parents for why you didn't do the dishes. You were a kid/teen. You didn't (likely) have your own children, a job, or other responsibilities. Wake up and smell the coffee. Are you going to let the rest of your life lead to more excuses as to why you aren't happy or enjoying your days? or are you going to realize that you own all of that and can actually change the outcome of your own perceptions and enjoy living? Who are you trying to convince? It's not me, because I don't buy that shit for a second. You are too busy telling yourself that you must live by this strict expectation or code. Keeping a code is important but it doesn't mean your exact code is correct. Computers have excellent coding and yet we have to update it frequently because even the seemingly flawless is flawed. Evolve or shut the hell up. That's it.