The Gift

A poem about finding myself

I sit here with my eyes closed and feel the shivers run up my spine in anticipation.

I can see it now and I can't wait for the enjoyment.

The sound of a light breeze gently kisses my ears as the soft rays from the sun warm my face.

I can smell the wonderful fresh smell of earth all around me, lush fields, dense trees, beautiful ionic ocean air.

The gentle sound of wind chimes and waves in the distance tell me I'm close.

My heart starts to beat faster and my breaths become more frequent.

I can't believe I am really here again. I can't believe it’s actually here. I can feel it.

I have been waiting and searching for so very long... Just to find it.

As I start to open my eyes, the feeling fades... I can't see...

They have taken it from me. I can't latch on.


I close my eyes again and concentrate.

But can I hear footsteps echoing down the stone halls… They are coming.

[The door flies open]

I keep concentrating and I can feel what I am searching for.

I just need another moment…

[The footsteps approach]

Everything suddenly rushes back... and I am almost one.

I've waited patiently.

My eyes snap open.

Now is the time.

Without hesitation I am up and rushing the door passing through the ranks of guards like a sharp sword through human flesh.

I can feel it, my escape is close.

Ranks of guards are moving in from all directions.

They are on my heels.

I stop and close my eyes.

I am surrounded...

I feel the need build, I let the rage free itself, let it fill with desire.

A burst of power ignites my fuse and everyone is sent flying into the walls.

In a fit of rage, I am suddenly just outside the last barrier, only one wall standing in my way.

The last wall is extremely fortified…


I have waited too long…

I grasp the power within, I let the need for it fill my soul.

I hear the footsteps clashing towards me.

Then I release myself with a scream from the depths of my soul.

I have broken the wall.

I hesitate in disbelief.

I can see it.

I rush headlong towards my goal.

As the warm, bright light welcomes me I am suddenly re-united.

I am whole again. I am one.

I open my eyes to find I am sitting on a hill just above the ocean.

The place I had previously felt.

I can sense it, it knows I am here.

I have found it.

I have found myself.

The hardest thing I have ever done.

Well? What did you think? Did it connect with you?