Story for Sean

Happy Birthday Sean


I have many best friends and Sean is one of them. I remember the first time I met him. It was the strangest sensation. I was entirely sure that I had known him my entire life. He was so familiar to me we might as well have been brothers. The truth. I hadn't met him in the current life prior to that moment. Yet, we paired together so well and read each other without hesitation. Our every move compliments each other and we speak our own language. Sean is a guitar player and at one time we attempted to form our own band. Together we would have been amazing but my insecurities and failures came into play. Anyway, here is the entirely not made up, completely true and real, story of how we met (Ok, not really, but enjoy anyway):

It begins

October is a special month and the nights are claimed by goblins, ghosts, witches, and demons. They tend to run unchecked until the day of the dead, every year. During those nights, people claim that horrible things take place, and children become prey to those evil creatures with need for new minions or need for a warm meal. Either way, blood is the only price. October 9th, a day that seemed like another lovely fall day that would surely end in some sort of morning story made up by the locals. It was my third time in Splendor village, a happy place with beautifully old trees and fields of green, just on the edge of a dark forest known only as the Mord.

The leaves of the trees around the village had started to turn with beautiful mixes of yellow, orange, and red, with the presence of many still green leaves. The Mord gave no indication of turning its colors for the season as it stayed a deep dark green with odd looking trees that seemed somehow sinister. I was just outside of the local tavern sipping a wonderful dark wheat beer as I was watching the sun slowly set in the distance, while keeping a cautious eye on the Mord. The beer was delicate, yet hearty, and made the view even better. As I realized I was staring into the bottom of my glass, I decided to go for a re-fill, but something caught my attention…

It wasn’t so much a sight that caught my attention, rather than a feeling. Soon followed by a fell wind that turned my stomach. Something wasn’t right. The sun was already beyond its ability to provide light for very much longer and the darkness was rapidly approaching. Only moments later, after the tip of the sun went down behind the mountains, a blood curdling scream came from over by the Mord. I rushed in the direction of the scream and drew my daggers, ready for whatever new threat lie in wait. That’s when I saw them… three cloaked figures standing over a puddle of blood, gore, and what once was a human.

I rushed the dark figures in a fury, ready to lay waste or die trying. These were surely the witches or demons that the villagers had spoken of. As I closed the distance between myself and these hooded creatures, I felt myself lift off of the floor against my will and lose the ability to control my limbs. The figures were all staring at me with their glowing green eyes, but one held its hand out toward me with a horrible smile on its face. I could hardly breathe let alone call for help, but I fought the magic binding me with the little I knew from my years in the Wizards hold.

As the demon approached me with its outstretched hand, it laughed a cynical deep laugh and gritted it’s teeth. I used everything in my power to reverse its magic, but it was no use. Just then, a loud, scream of fury came from the other direction. The sound stopped the creatures in their tracks and caused me to fall to the ground. As I attempted to recover, a dark figure with the most beautiful axe I had ever seen came rushing up the creatures and drove this glorious instrument through the creatures, sending sinew and shattered bone fragments flying in the direction of the Mord. As the beautiful axe cleaved its way through the cloaked figures it rang with the most wonderful metallic, musical sound I had ever heard.

Surely the axe was magical and its wielder a wizard. The young man approached me and helped me up. He said, “Let’s go grab a drink, today is the celebration of when I was born and after that little show, I could use a largey.” I agreed since he just saved my life and frankly, I was tired of drinking alone. “What do they call you?” I asked. “Oh, how silly of me, I am called Sir Sean of Klein… and you are?” he responded. “I am known as Sir Adam of Hale.” “Well then Sir Adam, I will call you Beast because you walk like no other creature I have ever seen.” He stated with a smile.

I agreed to the name and we went onward into the tavern to have our fill. We drank the night away causing trouble of different kinds and slowly growing our two man party, into a twelve man drinking contest. Not moments away from last call, was another blood curdling sound in the distance. Sir Sean, the other, men, and I looked at each other and knew what we had to do.

The End

And that is an exact rendition of the night I met Sean. Happy Day of Birth you axe wielding bad ass! I love you, ya moldy soup filled sponge inside of a dead turtle carcass. Be good brother.