The Reflection of a Dream

A poem about a dream I had

He said hello and I didn't want to forget... So when I woke from the dream, I wrote the following:

This can't be real...

As the world around me plays in slow motion, I further my adventure down a thin dirt trail.

The world around me is a beautiful sight of dense forestry and brush while the early morning fog keeps things hidden.

Dew is collecting, attempting to drop from its various hosts.

I see the occasional water droplet free itself towards the earth, but I feel that it takes the drop as long to reach the forest floor as it takes me to walk 13 steps.

My senses are heightened like never before.

The surrounding nature makes complete sense as if we were one.

The colors of the world are vivid and hard to believe.

This place is somehow… familiar, but I can't seem to get a grip.

As I walk further down the trail I can start to hear the seagulls.

I knew the ocean must be involved as the familiar air enters my lungs again.

I have been here before, I must have been.

Why else would this make so much sense?

In the distance of the fog I see a black silhouette…

It catches me off guard, something about it seems oddly familiar. I try figure out my next move.

I decide to approach the figure.

It disappears and I am lost for a moment.

I feel tap on my shoulder...

I turn around.

The figure is standing directly behind me.

As I turn to him, I am face to face with his dark brown eyes...

I know those eyes so well.

I have felt them stare at me in the mirror every day.

But these are different.

They show a different characteristic.

These eyes are the ones that created my very own.

These are my eyes, but by inheritance.

This figure knows me well, yet I grasp for meaning.

My mind won’t allow me to remember.

He leaves me and speaks a message.

"Do not stray from your path,

You have the ability to be great,

Do not be like me,

You must be better than I was,

You must always be there for those who need you,

You must create an example to follow.

It was something that was robbed from you,

Something that wasn’t given to you.

You must be stronger than what was expected,

You must face challenges that will test your patience,

Remember, you have always been the better parts of me.

You have always been the best in me."

I stared blankly...

I know this one. Why can I not remember his name?

The figure turns away and as he disappears into the fog, he says:

"I wish I could have seen them... Take it easy, and keep your boys better than I could keep mine,

They are all the best parts of you.”

That was the last time I saw my father...

Dreams are weird, but sometimes they seem so real. My father passed away when I was 20 years old and it's haunted me ever since. But not in the ways you might think.