Welcome to the Journey Book. Try out our short fantasy stories!

The first in a series of fantasy stories named for their inspiration, so to speak. The world created within this story extends to the other animal themed titles such as the Lion. These Stories are intertwined and relevant to one another. The Lion is currently available, but other future titles include: The Raven, The Snake, The Bull, The Dragon, and The Beast. There could be more, but only time will tell.

The second in a series of fantasy stories. The Wolf opened the door to this world and The Lion continues it as a branch or story taking place near the events of The Wolf. Each is a story of powerful and unique beings that face their own challenges. Will they ever meet? Destiny will surely illuminate everything in time.

A special story to me. This fantasy adventure was inspired, mildly, by a time when the Ocean nearly claimed my life. Of course, this is also a fantasy version of it, and because of that, it's embellished and created in a way that has nothing to do with me or my life. This is a story about a character I created.

A brand new fantasy series about the power of the mind.

Allow me to introduce my style: I love to write stories for others. Amazing people fill my life with joy and inspiration. They make story telling super easy. I have compiled a small list of birthday stories I have written for other amazing people and I am open to writing them for other's as well. I only have so much to give, so I chose to give myself. I write because I enjoy it and I make stories as gifts for those I love. It seems to go over well, so I am assuming that I am ok at this stuff. Interested? Please contact me if you are through the Contact link here or above.