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New Music: The Year 201920, out now on Soundcloud

Released November 22nd, 2020

New Story: The Stain of Sleep, Part 1

Released September 23rd, 2020

Welcome to the new home of the Journey Book Chronicles and Alterac Cane.com! Check out our Short Fantasy Stories, Inspirational Messages, Poems, and more!

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While you are here, you will discover that we enjoy writing short fantasy stories and inspirational shorts. Additionally, we like writing music, creating and editing videos, and so much more! These creative works were mainly created for ourselves or as gifts to others. Creation is our therapy and it makes us happy. If you stick around, it is our hope you enjoy our creative works and are even brave enough to let us know how they make you feel. If you identify with any of it, please don't hesitate to let us know. We get our inspiration from the world around us and people just like you! Our web pages are in progress and all of our works aren't 100% but if you would like to check out what we all about, please stick around. Don't hesitate to check out our YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud, or Podcast.

Above are a couple of videos from the Journey Book YouTube Channel. They include our own content and music:


A cool video of creative works by Misty Burle of Verity Pie! A beautifully passionate amazing speed drawing. I created the music for her and aided in editing the video footage, which I was proud to do. Check it out!

Misty and myself both contribute to each other's works and while she has her own site, she is part of the Journey Book team!

Thirsty Business

Writing short fantasy stories and our other creative works quench a lot of things but leave us thirsting to do more. We provide all of our stuff to the world in hopes to inspire and make connections. Care to buy us a coffee?

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