Story for William

Happy Birthday William


I have a large and amazing family. They all deserve stories. It would take me a century to write them all but I will do some for many if time allows. This following birthday story was written for my cousin and one of my best friends on the planet, Will (William). Will and I go way back. Like, um, when he was born and stuff. Will and I have been very close ever since. I even had the honor of saving his life once. He nearly drowned in a hot tub. Will is a great person, aspires to greatness, and is possibly one of the funniest people I know. He has also always been one of the nicest people I've had the opportunity to grow up with. This story as a gift was long overdue. Enjoy:

Here goes nothing

William. A man governed by no one. A man apart. Named after a world dominating conqueror. He fears nothing. Time is his friend, unlike that of other humans. With each year he grows prettier, wiser, and even deadlier. He was sent here with one purpose: to wonder the globe devouring the souls of the living through acts of kindness. Cleverly disguised as a common man, he adapts to his surroundings. Many know him as Will because of his strong Will to survive. For this young man, it’s mind over matter. He simply has to think of what he wants to accomplish and it is done. This is his origin story:

It was a beautiful autumn day, in the very beginning of the season. The presence of birds slowly starting to dwindle as they made their way south with winter on the horizon. Only some leaves had started the change due to a quick transition from hot to cooler days filled with reminders of fond memories. The forests were abundant with activity even though everything was moving at a more relaxed pace. But something about this day was different.

One could almost taste the change in the air. Even the animals started to take notice. Deep within the woods of this mysterious yet populated valley, there was a seed that lie dormant, untouched by water, buried deep beneath the lush ferns and decomposing leaves of autumns past. At least, until recently...

Dozens of years ago, a young wood elf had seen the evil of humans. She was often mistreated, and for a time, their captive. Upon her escape she gave birth to a seed but imbued it with dark magic and her hate for the human race. The seed was placed remotely in order to let it grow, but she placed in just before a vast drought, which caused it only to be forgotten and buried by an incredible amount of dead vegetation.

More recently, a young lady and her lover had escaped to this spot many afternoons to be together since it was untraveled and somewhat remote. Because of their tomfoolery and wild nature, they had disturbed the ground and moved much of the foliage in various directions. They had exposed the once dormant seed to the world and a storm the night before provided it with a fresh drink. The seed sprouted and had already grown to be a couple feet tall over night.

The young lady and her lover were out to their special spot again and the young man noticed the new arrival and seemed astonished that they had not seen such a large specimen growing there before. The couple approached hand in hand and marveled at its beauty. It was the prettiest plant they had every seen, so much so, that it was bewitching. It was bright green with little curly vines spinning off of it in various directions, blue and purple leaves at the ends that almost seemed to glow. It was fuzzy like a baby animal. I appeared to be soft, gentle, and very appealing.

The young lady decided to stroke the plant gently to see how it felt. It was an amazing experience for her. The softest thing she had ever touched. She urged her lover to caress it as well. They proceeded together, each moment, falling more and more in love with this wonderful plant. Suddenly her body dropped the ground, lifeless. Just as the young man started to react, he followed. They lie there, motionless, and their bodies started to dehydrate rapidly as the plant grew ever larger and started to take on the shape of a person. Not long after their bodies had been transformed to nothing but dust and the garments they were wearing.

The plant suddenly screamed with the power of a thousand suns. A sound that echoed through the land causing deer and other surrounding animals to paralyze in fear then suddenly explode into a million little pieces. All the surrounding moisture from their blood soaked into the earth and was quickly absorbed by the humanoid plant. The plant broke itself free of the earth and started toward the local village that the couple was from. It could sense the moisture of the beings there and craved the opportunity for growth. As the creature got closer and closer the village, the more it resembled a friendly human boy. Soon he would be accepted by the locals and treated as one of their own.

Over the years in the village, some villagers would disappear as well as some of the local livestock without a trace, aside from the random garments and collars found on the ground. Most in the village just assumed the various missing people just went crazy, got naked, and took some animals with them into the local woods. Often search parties were initiated and would turn up with nothing. Occasionally, this time of year, a story would turn up of a silhouette in the distance, glowing with a red aura, and surrounding life exploding within its immediate vicinity, but people wrote it off as a myth.

It was no myth. It was a young man named Will... and September 26th is it's anniversary of life. It's the time of year it hungers most and requires a large sacrifice. If you are kind enough to wish it happy birthday, you are spared for another year. Never forget.

Happy Day of Birth William. Please don't absorb my being...

The End

The creature that is William, will show up again in future stories. I like his style.