The Past Forgotten

A fantasy poem / monologue about magic

I ask you to remember the impossible. I ask you to search inside yourself and look back at something that has been stolen from you. The vision exists inside your very core. The memory is there, but too far back for most to remember. The land we live on now was once very different from the way it is today. The beliefs we once held are but myths to us now, when once they were true to us all. The magic that we could command is but a fairy tale and does not exist to most. Those that see only that, think we are from a time in the recent past… that our ancestry hails only so many thousands of years, when in reality, everything you have been told, is a fabrication, some of them unintentional.

We are not so simply, as young a race as claimed. We are from a time, intentionally forgotten. “For our safety”, our past records were wiped out, thousands of years ago, by those who loath the craft of magic. Our Histories, reset, and aimed a specific direction, lies, in order to control our mode of thought. Lies told in order to kill Magic as a real possibility and make it more fantasy than anything else, when in fact, it was heavily embedded in us and our world, once upon a time…

Non-believers were separated from those that wished to continue practice in their craft. It only took but a wish. A wish can be very powerful. A wish can drive you to do things you never thought possible. Many wishes have taken place to restore everything… and now, those memories are starting to re-surface… those who command the dark arts are here… for revenge.

I have some stories written about this concept. Quite fun to write about no matter how you spin it.