Ocean Mother: Lost

A freeform poem that is only to release emotional baggage

Somewhere along the way, something inside me changed.

In many ways for the better and in many ways not.

The balance has changed from wanting to be the hero, into always fighting the villain.

A sort of limbo. Stuck on the other side, watching myself be something I am not.

Depression is not within me, but weakness still exists.

I dream of dark blue comfort, shrouding me in it's love.

The pressure, the smell, the sound, carrying me to peace.

A place of healing. A place I found myself.

Dearest Ocean, mother of my kind. I will always love you, you will never fade.

I will always be there, just beyond where the waves break. Just beyond the chaos.

Breathing, becoming, flowing, loving, living, floating, taking in your comfort.

You forever freed me from my net but I fear I left myself there floating.

The rest of me is snared and caught by the evil left inside. Not hostage, not silenced, but fighting.

I will forever fight to regain what is mine.

Do not fear but please be patient. I'm coming back to reunite with my ocean skin.

I can do this.

Please wait for me. 🌊