In the Works

The many projects of Alterac

Forgive me, I was diagnosed with ADD and like to jump around and create a lot of things.


A Tale of Fury, Jack of Death, Lifting the Fog, Smoke, The Lion Part 3, The Wolf Part 4, Ocean Skin Part 4, The Rogue, Tower of Sadness, The Untrue Tales of Adam Hale, and more...


I have written a number of "songs" that are available on SoundCloud at this time, but I am always on the search to improve my skills and write more music. It makes me feel so good when I complete a song.

Video Projects

I love editing photos and film. I also like being a bit weird, so if you can hang with my strange taste in video creation, check out what I have on my YouTube channel. If not, no worries. Oh and, It's ALL fantasy based or meant to inspire. So don't take it too seriously.

And then some...

I love to inspire and motivate as well as find new ways to create. I run, work out, hike, swim in the ocean, take photos, play guitar, and all kinds of other stuff. I also really enjoy sharing that stuff with others. Don't be surprised if I share those things with you!